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    Nerf War: Rescue Mission by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

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      YOU OF JAMES BOND 007 馃敨

    5. Cody Thibault

      Keep it coming

    6. Gaming Beast

      how is the name of the effects?

    7. Gaming Beast

      Can u give me the Effects?

    8. Ender Boy

      How he now all the nerf gun?

    9. Quora_The_Sith

      I love these videos they are so well made this is so nostalgic from when I was 8 lol

    10. Christina de la Fuente, REALTOR庐

      Don鈥檛 you lose them!?!?!

    11. Kurt Gabriel A. Fulgencio

      Victory! 鉁岋笍 Secure The Package: 馃専 Use Every Weapon Available: 馃専 Score 3 Multi-Kills: 馃専 RESULTS: 馃拃 Kills: 48 馃敨 Weapons Found/Stolen: 15 馃崟 Foods Eaten: 6 鈿狅笍 Criticals: 6 Badges Earned: 馃拃Executioner - Kill 5 Enemies 馃幆 Accurate - Over 50% Accuracy 鈽狅笍Marksman - Score 3 Headshots 馃嵅Foodie - Eat 5 Foods 鈿 Suffered - Get Critically Wounded 3 Times

    12. upssbipoful

      So cool

    13. Susana Garcia

      The besst chanel rver

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    15. Cindy Vanesa Orejuela

      Nice video pdk

    16. Cindy Vanesa Orejuela

      Nace video

    17. Leroux_cod 1

      Am I the only one who was wishing to see how the burrito was cooked at the end ?

    18. Samuel Bindszus

      Cool 馃槑 and nice

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    20. Gojira gamer The LEGO master

      Why would you take the longstrike scope of the centurion? You can't do a three sixty no-scope without a scope!

    21. Lilis Lis

      Judc5o tes cair tf6

      1. Lilis Lis

        H9 TTS Chaerul ygj

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      nice video

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      Me gusta muchos tus videos

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    25. 闀峰病姣


    26. Devindra Seejatan

      and i like when u skate down and eliminate your apponents that was so awsome

    27. Devindra Seejatan

      this game was even sicker

    28. Nikto

      how to basic but with guns

    29. Mohib Naim

      i like the part when you throw apple on his face to attack hahahahahahha

    30. help_PlzPlz

      this dude is pro gamer and good gaming chair

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      i still like nerf stuff right here on this channel

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      Nerf tank battel 3

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      Hey pdk you should do a mission to save Aaron esser

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      PDK film have gotten the new dinosqoud guns?

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      Wow super

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      Sorry PDK Films i have no Licket i live bunnys:( :(((

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      Was this filmed at sugarloaf?

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      9:47 nice scar

    43. Dinnaga Nandeshwar

      4:13 what gun is that??

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    45. Devin Beckstead

      Omg just finish the mags he drops the mag with ammo in it still

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    48. Cow Show


    49. 507 - Khaled Bhuiyan


    50. Lanh Nguyen


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      i will help you to take all the darts back

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      imagine needing to pick up all of the builits in the snow

    53. VOL BOX

      I have thousands of guns. be sure to watch

    54. Rebuild Ruhrgebiet in Lego

      Hey Guys can u please make a viedeo in a n power plant in Austria u can Rent ohne for Not much Money google: akw Zwentendorf

    55. Jonathan Valencia


      1. Jonathan Valencia

        PDK FILMS 2020 馃榾馃槆馃憤

      2. Jonathan Valencia

        HOLA CRISTO 馃榾馃槆馃憢

    56. Midpjm 99



      I love your bids wen you doing rescue misssion It鈥檚 my favorite vids :D but I like your other vids to



    58. Jonathan Valencia

      HOLA CRISTO 馃榾馃槆馃憢

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        PDK FILMS MISI脫N 馃榾馃槆馃憤

    59. Brayan Cassante

      Where you found the gun at 9:03 I'd like to have it in black but I only find it in blue and orange

    60. Brayan Cassante

      Ou t鈥檃s trouv茅 l鈥檃rme 脿 9:03 j鈥檃imerais bien l鈥檃voir en noir mais je trouve que en bleu et en orange

    61. Javokhir Zokirbekov

      You best

    62. LEAN WEI FONG Moe

      buy for me a ll nerf gun

      1. LEAN WEI FONG Moe


    63. Ksatish Lodariya

      How to download this nerf gun game because this game graphic is very nice

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      Paul can you play gta v missions in your gaming channel please bro

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      these videos are amazing!

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      100% pizza

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      What's your favorite Nerf? 馃

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        My favorite nerf is Sniper and ak47

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      That "You're hurt! Go to cover" effect though

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      It must be long to collect everything.

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      Now this is content

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      i like how the code is just 1234

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      This was made on my birthday

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    83. Borderlands Gameplay

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      i wish i had nerf guns like you

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      Lee has to come in too much too long and I鈥檓 not much to get done in my life but I鈥檓 not

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