Nerf War: 9 Million Subscribers

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    Nerf War: 9 Million Subscribers by PDK Films, the largest Nerf channel on PLshows! In this Nerf video, PDK Films hits 9 million subscribers and a massive Nerf battle breaks out between Paul and Pat over a cake.
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

      鉂わ笍 *Thank you so much for 9 Million Subscribers!!* 馃憤 *1 like on the video = 1 dart picked up, please help!*

      1. Abo ODAY


      2. Angelica Alves

        Tcghvnjnjg j fijg l jgki . ogijekrj nba t

      3. Phoenix Tine


      4. Good Samaritan

        Omg hiiiiiiiiiiii

      5. Benjamin Piulats

        @6B18鏋楁案璞 no

    2. Ivanete Silva


    3. Lars Haertwig

      What a throwback this was the shit when I was 7

    4. Adam Maguire


    5. Maria Lima de Carvalho

      Eu nunca vi um cara comer banana com ketchup

      1. Maria Lima de Carvalho

        Oi gente meu nome 茅 ENZO

    6. gala_yt

      This resembles memes vs sweats in fortnight lmao

    7. Una Tsoko

      I wish I could join but I'm far from you guys

    8. James Sauv茅-Reme

      Wow cool video

    9. 袛懈邪薪邪 袙褗谢褔械胁邪

      why you guys have soo much nerf amo?

    10. Chinmay K


    11. Chinmay K

      HI GUYS

    12. KRISH NARAYANAN. Grade 2. Emerald 6

      COOL 馃啋

    13. manoel oliveira


    14. Andrea Romero


    15. Alex Alvarado

      Bro my boy pat looking kinda like borat

    16. Tajender Pal


    17. put pantawit sripawatakul


    18. put pantawit sripawatakul




    20. Edgar bobillier-monnot

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    21. DEMO


    22. Ram Uggirala

      Funny your in fruits

    23. Movie Cuts


    24. DanielFireCopter_CalFire

      First ever video I watched was the Nerf Squad Drug Bust video when I was young good old times 馃憤馃憤馃憤.

    25. Otto Jamin

      PDK Films cool

    26. D瓢啤ng Thu峄


    27. Otto Jamin


    28. Jorge A Santiago Figueroa

      12:14 name weapon rifles name please

    29. Arjun Toor

      Bob u

    30. Arjun Toor


    31. Tapas Dinda

      Tapas Dinda is a good 馃憣鉁岎煓

    32. Phuc Ng芒n

      Anh 啤i cho em Hai kh岷﹗ s煤ng NerF

    33. Raihana Haifa

      Dont waste food

    34. Mario Pabst

      You have 16,7million subscribers

    35. 銉夈儕銉儔銉銉冦偗


    36. Amanda Brinkley

      What are you guys doing

    37. Amanda Brinkley

      That is a big mess


      I want this all nerf

    39. bharat patel

      Sniper vs thieves 3

    40. Robert The Crazy Buffalo

      God.. I wish you actually didn鈥檛 ruin the name of good nerf modders.. it鈥檚 sad. I鈥檝e never actually seen you don鈥檛 a single 鈥渕odification鈥 by yourself. And before you ask, yes I do mods myself. And all of these look like the simplest things ever. You just buy the most expensive parts and throw em in a rapid strike, yell 鈥渟ick鈥 every 2 minutes, and ruin the rep of other modders. You are the reason when people say 鈥渘erf鈥 they think of children鈥檚 toys. I鈥檒l tell you what, look at actually funny people that are good, hell, even decent at modding like Beret and WalcomS7.

    41. GG pdkgd


    42. Golden retriever 777

      I love you

    43. Javier Paz

      Which is the second gun you have bro ?, The blue one and where can I buy it ?

      1. Robert The Crazy Buffalo

        It鈥檚 a rapidstrike. Very hard to find now. Hard to modify, but easy if your this guy who doesn鈥檛 do any of the work himself.

    44. Yaqub S

      Who does that

    45. Yaqub S

      Another fake vlog the girl in the beggining her face is so weird you edited snoring noise

    46. MightyGamer HQ

      Pls reply to this pdk films why did you. Delete the video were you showed all your nerf guns and bought bacon and said you had a bad dream?

    47. Apowers6

      what do you mean 9 mil you got 16.6 mil

    48. Apowers6

      They always getting a new luxury pebthouse ro mansion dude

    49. Henry Stive Daza Lobo

      oye me regalas una franco ner

    50. Clayton Payne

      Every time I see these I always think of the mess they have to clean up lol

    51. naruto codm

      overacting max level

    52. Youssef Gamer

      PDKFilms i not speak english but i love your video and what exit the new video?!

    53. Mr,Piggy554

      Anyone els remember their first vid or is it just me?

    54. Ryan Monroe

      Damn I haven't watched these guys in a minute. I watched all their videos in like 5th grade

    55. Prem Singhal

      When will the next video come please tell

    56. aranthai ar muthu


    57. Music arts Entertainment

      Hai check this new search engine it is better than google : @t

    58. Funny Fails

      Bro 7 mill is three weeks

    59. Phuong Pham

      What are u don your home

    60. marcelli putri

      Oh yes iam olah oleh lo kamu mau ya


      Do you really break the glasses馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺

    62. Michael Haddad

      6:44: I search on Google this gun Please help me if you see it on Google

    63. Redsyboy productions

      @PDK Films i have a question, to paint a spray a nerf gun without taking anything apart, do i need rust proof spray paint

    64. Ultimate Xeno

      Congrats at having almost half of your actual subscribers! 馃コ

    65. Meghana Shenoy


    66. Ramadhani Ali

      Mantap bang

    67. REVERB


    68. garf

      the nostalgia 馃様馃槶

    69. zaki mas lee


    70. Isaias Salinas

      Que chido v铆deo 156 Te doy esto

    71. Roman gonzalez

      Wen they make other videos they any so werde

    72. DaW4yz

      It鈥檚 always cheese balls huh:)

    73. ASMfilms TTV

      It鈥檚 been so long your the reason I made my username ASMfilms like your is Paul David kouski (pdk) films like I thought that would work and I did it

    74. 邪屑械褌 fvtn

      芯薪懈 写褍褉邪泻懈

    75. IndyBlock

      these videos make me hungry

    76. Angel Gabriel Mu帽oz Medina

      I love your videos

    77. Josse Garc铆a

      Dame una porfa

    78. SnowyPvP

      5:38 what the flip

    79. Srinigng Sr

      Please put video 馃敎

    80. Glizzy G

      dang, i remember watching when the channel only had like 100k subs

    81. TNT Omar

      k,iuu uikk,j]] v okju-[p;lkuij0 koiu0puik ou0-pyhoku0-ytuokgm0-------iuoyl9juy=[op

    82. smashingaming

      Your even better then nerf it self

    83. Angel Andres Ortiz Perez

      2:00 the daisy song馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

    84. Angel Andres Ortiz Perez

      Can I ask you something, when was the last time that you clean the mansion

    85. John Yu

      i dare you to picture your girlfriend wearing black bikini and sunglasses and post it to instaagram on face book on the next video

    86. jason

      Vous trouverez en pi猫ces jointe une attestation 脿 mon employeur afin qu'elle puisse signer mon dossier en cours en cas d'absence 脿 ma nouvelle mutuelle pour la suite des travaux 脿 venir dans le courant du d茅but

    87. LEGO - Animacje Poklatkowe

      13:53 Mmm Nice

    88. Ashlynn Desjarlais

      This them 11 years later from then

    89. Bollywood Hits Songs

      Please mara channel indian gamer par 100 subscriber kara do please 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹

    90. John Andrei De Mesa - 忙 A2DR31 忙

      Wow 16 million subs and a late vid of 9 million cmon paul

    91. Akram Ezidi


    92. RockyPlays!

      Already 16.6M subs holy

    93. 戋佮己 MODISARKAR 嗉魂

      Bro it is 16.6M subs

    94. Yoagsh Jat



      Paul is very comedy


      Jess is very beautiful

    97. Yeets Gaming

      What's that gun called in 7:36???

    98. Hayden Dietz


    99. Hayden Dietz

      The are such showoffs in the title it say 9 mill subs

    100. Andre Smith

      I hant everyone to take a minutes and think how long it took to clean that house