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    Nerf War: Navy Seal by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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        @Carol Fuenzalida ?

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    5. Jam Angela S. Candido

      make a nerf war fortnite battle using nerf fortnite blasters

    6. Anita Chamcusi

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    7. JAMES bond 007

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    8. Matthew GOODALL

      Same as the laundry kill

    9. Matthew GOODALL

      That wine poring kill was nooby

    10. Meliza Flavier

      TV quick

    11. David Gladson Nayak Pastor

      Make Battle royale Game too PDK FILMS

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    14. Steve

      Steve:馃嚞馃嚪(Team Hellenic Power)kills 56X 馃嚞馃嚙 army S.A.S.!!!

    15. DavidcGaming

      PDK: drinks corona Doctors: and i took that personally

    16. Judah Scobie

      just want to point out that navy seals would have extra mags on them and would not take guns from others

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    18. Bass Guy

      Insted of going out to the club with frirnds, i wached PDK and Infographics show

    19. Bass Guy

      1:13 why did he reload when the mag was full

    20. Mohd Hasbi

      I'm going back home and then go back home and then go for how many days next but unfortunatel me know what

    21. Edward Alfonso Sunarpo 1406193

      Ur gonna get corona ohno

    22. Paul Sylvestre

      Bro I like your videos and I will be in your videos bro and I need a camera on my head please bro

    23. Tony fn

      The tbag LMAO

    24. James Graham

      I love how PDK doesn't keep partial clips.


      You are best youtube and you have best nerf videos and nerfs

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    31. Niel Harold Olarte

      8:30 Well thats not very family friendly of u PDK

    32. Andrea Martinisi

      Whats the name of the nerf at the start of this video i want to buy it

    33. Outcast Eylids


    34. Outcast Eylids


    35. CraftsBlock Gaming

      How many people did you kill on the toilets???!

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    37. Eric and Tabitha Gilliland

      Pdk films

    38. Doge clan All for won won for all

      Half the nerf army/bandits are sitting on the toilet 隆!隆

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    40. Flora Padolina

      Hello pdk

    41. Flora Padolina


    42. Flora Padolina


    43. Dario Bastidas

      Me regalas una arma porfa

    44. Michaela Enever

      you video are awesome

    45. Muhammed Musthafa

      What is your favaret gun im your big fan

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      Pdk is good

    50. Diego Aguilar

      What is the name of the gun in minute 4:16 can you tell me pleas

    51. Charles Fletcher

      you are the best

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    53. Alison Sturdevant

      Bro he gave you so many drinks and you still shot him LOL.

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    55. Josephine Melton

      PDK FLIMS I love your vids I have been watching you since I was a kid

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    57. Charlee Lawson

      Love your videos man 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎

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    62. Enzo Rezaian

      Lol the reality of what people think special ops is

    63. Vennila Palanisamy

      I also have nerf guns

    64. Ho Luk

      But why the gun was so power full it did not wet锛侊紒锛燂紵

    65. Shaykur

      What happend here 8:40

    66. James Maverick Llegad

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    67. B岷 ooo

      7:40 haha

    68. Valrygg Brothers

      I am wondering if a retaliator breaks if it is in water

    69. Xander Bosman

      nobody: Literly nody: PDK Films randomly spawns in a rivier

    70. Hai Phuong Ho V农

      Wow 馃槹

    71. TheLegendaryGamer

      Breh where is 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 million sub wars? It鈥檚 literally about to be 16 million soon.

    72. 8x0i alt2

      7:51 u...u u , ui YB AAGHETUATUYAEUVYEAVVYUA GWT DUYH TGUS NAB HE GAVE UB 89 DRINK AND U F.../. KILL JIM..... U.,... WHAT HTE EHCK!!!!!!! WHAT THEH HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISTR HU !!!!!!!!!! THIS NAN GAVE U SO KMANY INRK U UJST GUN HIMDOWN IN COLB BLUD!!!!!!!!! I AHTE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUNSCRUISCMIIBRING TO UR CHANMENEL

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    74. Daiana silva


      1. Daiana silva


    75. DungeonRunn3r

      8:30 wtf, I thought this was a kids channel lmao

      1. DungeonRunn3r

        @Fleck lol mommy forget to feed you ba-ba?

      2. Fleck

        cry then

    76. Jammy Calimese

      Best gun nemises

    77. Achsah John

      I like your PLshows channel

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      Gun good vovo

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      oh wait make a video : boss fight 1 with 3 episcodes

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      1. indra midung


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    83. Teejay Goodwin

      0:28 what gun is that

    84. CheskaLovesPink Maliwat

      M ..l .

    85. littleprince mica27

      There was a T-bagger

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    87. Breanna Bailey

      i watch your video

      1. PDK Films

        hey breanna thanks for becoming a member!

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      1. Jonathan Valencia

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      2. Jonathan Valencia

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      What was that gun in the first clip of the video where he鈥檚 in the water

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    98. Vince Koles谩r

      4:23 18+ XD

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