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    Nerf War: The Mansion by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

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      1. Гаврилюк Анастасия

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        @King Kousky d9ickxpxi

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        @King Kousky "

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        @savage ةة

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    3. Chinni Chinni

      Fi Sjsot

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    5. GL SL-GB


    6. cuenta invadida por verónicA

      Where do you sell those nerf ak-47s?

    7. AquaBoi

      When u activate infinite health in a FPS shooter

    8. Familievlog_ JulianHailey

      Super cool ! we also have a PLshows channel love Family vlog_JulianHailey


      Very cool

    10. Joey Marion-Hupé

      Respect for PDK Films to try his best with the Nerf Bow

    11. MinecraftBoy27

      💚 the vid

    12. Jon Walker

      Ok thank yh hj hi nbcn

    13. Như Ý Phạm


    14. victor eiroa

      Éramos tan felices 😭💙

    15. Aleks_ko


    16. King David Channel

      When you realized that VR boi is in there

    17. Yashwanth Kumar

      7:52 He got shot multiple times

    18. Uno Sequeira

      Love for Goa,india

    19. Uno Sequeira

      Bro where do you get all those bullets and guns?

    20. Gabriel Griffin

      did powdaddycow is your brother pdk films

    21. DomiThorn_pl

      pls make this game for vr

    22. Jc M

      long live to PDK films and to the USA

    23. Paul praneeth

      1:40 bow name??

    24. Tong Chung

      Do you lose all the bullets when just filming

    25. Racoon. Gamer

      I sub :)

    26. Jazzmyne Cook

      Aw, the monkey and poodle masked people are buddys! 😁 Just so ya know, I love monkeys and they're one of my fav mammals. Love your vids too.

    27. Seamus Flanagin

      I noticed that when he spun to dodge the tiny nerf rival he was hit.

    28. Alessandro Suarez

      There’s a paintball gun in the background!,😎😎

    29. Dilka Hewage

      2:35 the infamous kingkongpingpongdingdong accident

    30. Nodirbek Shermatov


    31. robert brown

      Dude this is sick

    32. Alex’s List


    33. Ralph Petruzzelli

      This is so fucking dumb

      1. Vishal Nikam

        you shit

    34. Gaming Zen


    35. naethen george

      do nerf war stealth

    36. Davin Sims

      I just subscribed on your video and turn onthe post notification Bell and I always watch your videos

    37. João Lucas Silva


    38. Murilo Nicula

      Oi tropa ****** no *****(**(

    39. Narek Pirumyan

      Rembo 2.0

    40. Steve

      🇬🇷 HELLENIC POWER KILLS 38X🇷🇺 ARMY (🇷🇺)Spetsnaz 3X headshots!!!

    41. Kurt Gabriel A. Fulgencio

      Victory! KILLS: 38 RELOADS: 30 Weapons Stolen: 7 Rooms Entered: 6 Accuracy: 78%

    42. שילה מזרחי

      Comment 2021 lol

    43. Del Boy

      Do u even clean up the bullets!?

    44. Erlinda Ortega

      Hello king kousky or should I say pdk kousky hi I'm Joachim iam a Filipino I really wanted the bow and the blue shotgun as a personal request can you um gimme some

    45. Vageeshwari Mk

      Congrts super

    46. Vageeshwari Mk


    47. emmanuel phillips

      i want to get one of those guns with the suits ...they look soooo fresh

    48. TMP•TOO

      Making Old XM8 Weapons Doesn't Make XM8 Weapons Cool Times XM8 Weapons Subscribe me yes Don't forget to Make XM8 Weapon yes Same AUG Weapon There is one more thing which is Scar-l's weapon

    49. Clayton Wilson


    50. Clayton Wilson

      hiyoda pd kafms

    51. Clayton Wilson


    52. ou kenzou

      Can you make scp nerf ?

    53. Paula Lopez Rosalds

      Hola ablas español yo soy de Mexico

    54. Viperous

      Love the videos keep it up

    55. artur Santana

      Helo Im Brasil

    56. Citrus

      how do you have so many friends

    57. Seth Willard

      Wow no hit

    58. AnGel

      what is the name #2 gun

    59. İbrahim Akın


    60. مشاري المطيري


    61. evil778

      wow pdk your good at this game! you didnt take ANY damage!

    62. maria emilia diaz


    63. Alison Bowen

      I a fan of nerf guns

    64. Alison Bowen


    65. Bryan Sam Urbinas

      Nerf ak 47😀

    66. Hank Smashes

      That's a lot of stryfe's.

    67. Lilibeth Godoy


    68. Maja Obrenov

      добро цилјац

    69. Noime Carabal

      Amazing nerf war

    70. nilto lopes

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    71. nilto lopes

      hljpikpioji ]ugtestbyhguihttuiycguuigttgrgvtyfyt gfdfcf5idr4dbvtugrvgygviugyvfguvgvgfgvugfgv7vgugvugfvdfgvgufdgfvgtrtrtvbtrbteitiutrtegvrgvbkfdjtrivtbievrevciotvtij4gjhkfcvuyuiioçpujhbcrfiuoyhuibcbyiiuiuiuuk0d]ç.pp,bp´hgjivfgjlvçk 86n8m38b5jjh78hjm64687867897894hfuvfyyrv47847547757bgdbs57gdb5g7fb84sg75fdb44fdb47d7b

    72. matheo Gallois

      You subscribe

    73. Poda Physco

      congrats 16M, check my channel too

    74. Marie Pierre Kaiser

      Super idée moi j'aime beaucoup l'idée de battail bravo

    75. Jabaak

      This is also so much cooler than Apex lol

    76. Jabaak

      2:25 And ther I was thinking the bow was OP

    77. Linus Kaufmann

      The legendary Burrito😂

    78. Blue Gunner

      Where can I buy this house and if in the USA what state? What country

    79. Cosmo Stefanelli


    80. Jake Curto

      POV: You’re wearing red

    81. N Manwaring

      Bow head shots for days

    82. Kamal Singh


    83. Jacqui Geiger

      How many people do you know

    84. Caleb Thomas

      8:07 what gun is that


      NERF should make this a legit game not that nerf epic pranks game

    86. 5B 22

      I love you

    87. Tam Gurung

      हेल्लो उहावे तोमगेहा नीर्फ गुन

    88. GatoSaurio4


    89. Danny Criollo


    90. Naeem Ahmed

      0:59 H E A D S H O T

    91. Fasih Fasih

      Instead I have to go to subscribe 😉

    92. Jamie Robertson

      Paul and Arron should have a nerf war

    93. lol my alt

      has anyone realised he always hits the enemy in the balls?

    94. Ariel Ravina

      The enemy's are the one that not subscribe the guy is the youtuber

    95. Charlene

      i love all your videos paul

    96. Andrea Blüml


    97. 판다닉

      한국인 찾습니다 생김새:한국인 같음