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    Nerf War: City Battle 2 by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

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      1. Олга Блащук

        @King Kousky еукъг

      2. Charissa Nkokha

        I downloaded the game you username does not show

      3. Charissa Nkokha

        I downloaded the game you username does not show

      4. Resty Novita

        Wfchh,g j gjc


        Chandigarh ,India

    2. ELEZKeleR M

      Im from México, Baja California, Tijuana👽👩‍🦲👍

    3. Dimond toybox Calp

      I don't live in a city

    4. Oanh Vũ

      Hey pkd Can you give me a sniper gun,please

    5. Pindrowplayz

      I’m from Sweden Gothenburg

    6. Logan Woodson

      panama city Florida

    7. Dawud Landy

      I love how grandma comes every once in a while to give things

    8. Cactus

      Oh my god I found this channel again 😳


      I am from india

    10. 御足苑

      360 now scop

    11. çınar taşlıçukur

      Hitman 🤨

    12. gothicqtie

      Filmed in my city 🙈

    13. Tomaz Kussler


    14. james coughlan

      Nurfguns James

    15. Phung Nguyen

      At 7:40 why didn’t he just kill him ?

    16. miss sniper

      do y’all own The Whole city?

    17. jazper norada



      you are paul


      Mt. Vernon, Indiana

    20. Hellfire

      Do you want to play basketball arena with me pdk I added you in basketball arena

    21. RadicalTwelve

      There is a beautiful river in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I think that would be a cool place to have a nerf war. I know you live in the states it just a suggestion

    22. Paula Ximu

      My city is Brasil 👍

    23. WizaardXD 3725


    24. Elif Erkmen


    25. zeeshan zeeshan

      I love you 111¹11111


      you could sell some nerfs of yours in an online store there on youtube !!

    27. Isiah Migz Ceño

      Yes i want to dstroy my gun

    28. Isiah Migz Ceño

      I men my gun is broken of cools and my lagend gun haw meny 37

    29. Isiah Migz Ceño

      The gun of cooles

    30. Isiah Migz Ceño

      I nid to repport

    31. RISHI B 12765


    32. kswaG


    33. Noam Martens

      What is the name of the nerf at the timen 7:20 in de video?

    34. Noam Martens

      Hoe heet de nerf die op tijd 7:20 staat?

    35. unused used old cheese

      Steal the burrito

    36. I dont know

      oh yeah he got the flipfury

    37. Miss James


    38. Neli Becerra

      Dime tu ubicación

    39. Ευγένιος Μεϊμάρης


    40. Dream

      funny that he never dies write?

      1. RadicalTwelve

        Do you know how to spell?

    41. Cluck

      everyone: So cool! Me: This would take so long to clean up..

    42. Meghan McDonald

      i like your channel can you make nerf war zombie

    43. Nagaraju Thota


    44. neha samad

      Love from india

    45. Neha Jaiswal

      Uttar Pradesh Varanasi from India

    46. araliyan demel

      We like you’re nerf war

    47. Arcadian Fire

      Sun Prairie

    48. Rednerd9143

      There's a gun in the thumbnail that i have

    49. yamin Centeno

      Albel en español

    50. Zachary Hartleben

      The basketball parts seem similar to checkpoints in a video game.

    51. Veeran Ruba.t


    52. Jerremy Morales

      Pdk: *B U R R I T O*

    53. Craukz Claps

      Lol free cheese ball 🤣

    54. Abel Jones

      Do anybody noticed but me that whenever the dude PDK films gave the person who needed toilet paper in the bathroom I bet that houses fixing to stink because he did not close the door

    55. Rocio Manilla

      PDK films You are crazy and I like it keep it up my city is Raleigh North Carolina

      1. Rocio Manilla

        This dude make the funniest video ever 🤣🤯

    56. Pineapple The cat

      Rip the granny moveing around

    57. 4.Dogs_чапи.4

      Top vauuu

    58. Bang Klang TV

      I respect for your helping Grandma,

    59. Laura Grubb


    60. Zurückshleichen

      He really has perfected his craft

    61. Jakob Selter

      The Twin Cities in Minnesota

      1. Johan Graciano

        Medellín pa

    62. Srini Vasan

      You can play Free Fire

    63. Suryansh Singh

      Love from INDIA🇮🇳 .... City Bareilly.

    64. Matteo Cunningham

      behold Gram-grams: The best duo partner



    66. Master76

      My city is Pittsburg and I live there

    67. Anita Hamrouni

      My city is London

      1. Johan Graciano

        My city is Medellín Colombia pa

    68. Ryan Forte

      man is playing on novice difficulty tho

    69. Waru Nightcore

      I want this nerf 7:28

    70. Algie Fawzi Kusnandar


    71. Eddy G


    72. nimit Kundi


    73. Vishwa Deepak Tiwari

      Great.. I live in India!

    74. Семён MaRgMaN


    75. Zecillia Asalele


    76. thuý phương

      hello i am from to vietnam

    77. Alfredo Rebollar

      Those guns you used are EPIC👍👍👍😎😎.

    78. Joey Marion-Hupé

      Grandma always comes in clutch

    79. Rehena Pervin Al-Ayan

      Did the granny helped him in this video so that he could help her to get in that bathtub?!?!??!😂😂

    80. Rehena Pervin Al-Ayan

      I am watching his videos from today and I like the way how he's telling everyone to subscribe in this kind of serious situation 😂😂🤣

    81. Rehena Pervin Al-Ayan

      How the heck is that granny coming literally everywhere??? 😂😂😂

    82. Aayan Uwaim

      My city is kolkata,India

    83. Бушева Марина



      7:19 hey pdk! What guns are those called cuz i like those...



    86. medistar medical systems

      Im from India, tamilnadu

    87. Ozyurt Seramik

      I am TURKİSH

    88. Sarah Gardinsky

      My city is elyra (state ohio country north america)

    89. Daniel

      How long dose it take for you to find all those nerf darts

    90. Roblox gaming dude !

      Damn these guns are so damn cool I want some

    91. Mohammad Aadheen

      ahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahah him giving the toilet paper and him like here is some ammo ahahaahahahahahah

    92. Faythe Velasco

      but how?

    93. CaptainCreeper

      you are my childhood

    94. Mary Dayana

      OMG! How many guns and bullets 👌👌👌👌

    95. Dani goku Son don

      Yo all them guns and they have a scopes but don’t use it crazy man

    96. An Nguyen Dức

      new york

    97. Romil Erpelo

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    98. Romil Erpelo

      Dr adh