The World's Greatest Nerf Blasters

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    The World's Greatest Nerf Blasters by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

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      1. Khadidja Merrezzi

        CT if hjfbgfbjhfugdb

      2. ARYAN 5553

        Is u will marry u will lose your carrier

      3. snake gaming


      4. Joan Cases

        Can't i get the star wars Nerf because that's good Nerf the second one

      5. frankly


    2. Maxim-M9

      i'm from the US

    3. Josiah Tineo

      My favorite show is victorious

    4. styrbord1

      Call of Duty

    5. Young Dancer


    6. Sam Valdez

      auto for sniper like gun

    7. Tristyn Melendez

      Call of duty

    8. Bonnie Logue

      7 hours 23 minutes. 100,000 and 1 nerf guns

    9. Bonnie Logue

      Bro you are the comment guy. comment below if you nerf gUN

      1. Bonnie Logue


    10. Victoria Gonz谩lez de la Cruz

      Guau cuantas pistolas ti enes

    11. Victoria Gonz谩lez de la Cruz

      mi video faborito es cuando te atacan los que se muaven que son chiquitos

    12. Victoria Gonz谩lez de la Cruz

      me gusta tu casa y luego donde pones tu pistolas

    13. Jesse Tamarchak


    14. Charissa Nkokha

      How do you modify the nerf guns

    15. AYUWARRIER 3009


    16. AYUWARRIER 3009


    17. hamsterdamn


    18. Cael Barton

      Bro frick off with the comments

    19. Brady Harrison

      The big boy

    20. Jason Rice

      i think you have a good aim

    21. KillerPollo37

      instead of writing comments about everything he wants, were only talking about how many times he asked for comments XD

    22. Caren Bachoco

      I like orange and black Nerf Gun

    23. Caren Bachoco

      I like orange and black Nerf Gun

    24. allen_realname

      Look at this mans house

    25. Jacob Kepler

      Pdk im not aking for money ?

    26. Brianna Graefen


    27. Erica Lineberger

      Why are u saying I want u to comment this like ever nerf gun.

    28. Gamer Dino dude_1234

      I wish I could get some modes Nerf guns but I can afford them馃槩

    29. Gamer Dino dude_1234

      Good, lol

    30. Kocelea Lea

      Call of duty

    31. Brock Morgan

      Love your shirt and your videos

    32. varsha Gavale

      Can you give me the purchase link of guns

    33. LAPLA 16

      Where is the shop

    34. Andre Reddman

      the order

    35. Kay den Hollander

      My favoriete is purple to

    36. Szokodi Erik

      7:27 like a nascar tire change

    37. Paul Du Plessis

      good i am good

    38. Little J

      I lost track of all the comments he wants us to do

    39. LIL_DawouD

      why are your guns so expensive 驴

    40. Kumiko V茅zina

      Are u guys rich?

    41. Kumiko V茅zina

      Maybe a week?

    42. Eagle Boy


    43. Lanieta Tuisese

      4 or 5 hours

    44. Lanieta Tuisese

      my Favourite Nerf gun to is Rapid Strike god we are like the same but we are not

    45. Lanieta Tuisese

      my Favourite food to are Burrito's

    46. Lanieta Tuisese

      and I am from Fiji

    47. Lanieta Tuisese

      You are a Perfect aimer

    48. Lanieta Tuisese

      Henry Danger

    49. Lanieta Tuisese

      I am doing fin

    50. Aaron V


    51. Nuebz 4k

      This was on my recommended and it brought back so many memories I used to watch u guys when I was 7 and I鈥檓 14 right. Thx for all the memories

    52. mavra 13

      im from greece

    53. Frencess Piguing

      Ha 1 mil likes is easy

    54. Frencess Piguing

      I want you guys to comment cverything you know!

      1. Frencess Piguing

        Me how

    55. Joseph Noble Stein

      Big up UK 馃嚞馃嚙

    56. Pizza Sharknado

      I love vacuuming.馃憤馃憤

    57. Pizza Sharknado

      I have that charger rival nerf gun.

    58. Ashton Creed


    59. Ashton Creed

      Give me a a gun

    60. May Santiago

      My country is Philippines

    61. Pizza Sharknado

      My favorite show is macgyver.

    62. Kjmax Hill

      He is talking like their food

    63. Iman Gurung

      I鈥檓 from United Kingdom 馃嚞馃嚙

    64. antwaun johnson


    65. antwaun johnson

      Yow nerf war

    66. Mav Adams

      I want you guys to comment below 45 times lol

    67. Tommy Ward

      Rick and Morty that鈥檚 my favourite TV show on Netflix and anyways I love your videos and you


      Do you have the AK. 47

    69. Austin Clark

      Fortnite bazal

    70. Austin Clark

      Call of duty

      1. Austin Clark


    71. Leslie Ovington

      Hull UK

    72. Geno Espinosa


    73. Geno Espinosa


    74. Geno Espinosa

      Good am

    75. Terri-ann Fury

      Call of duty

    76. Khan Patten

      lol he gets these packages from nowhere

    77. RevanWasTaken

      I said it once and I鈥檒l say it again this dumbass is not nerf he鈥檚 a joke

    78. Mr. Chayseman

      Call of duty

    79. Sony Ismail Robayani

      I want is a Nerf gun but I鈥檓 in Indonesia

    80. Badoorvlogs


    81. Badoorvlogs

      2 hours

    82. Lopkilla68playz

      M O D F I Y

    83. Badoorvlogs

      palistinian jordanian

    84. Badoorvlogs

      great aim

    85. Badoorvlogs

      with the masrwe keys

      1. Badoorvlogs


    86. Matthew Alexander Goenawan

      I think you should make the halo nerf video

    87. Matthew Alexander Goenawan

      pdk films i think it takes 10 hours to clean up your house

    88. Matthew Alexander Goenawan

      my favorite nerf gun is that transparant blue mega gun

    89. Matthew Alexander Goenawan

      pdk films my favorite color is blue

    90. EJays YT

      3 hours to clean house

    91. Mobile Task Force Overseer 05-4

      3:42 why does that look like an M4

    92. Keaton Bonner

      Hey guys if you breathe oxygen I want you to leave a comment down below and tell me how your experience went.

    93. Swade016

      G36 for 2nd gun

    94. WAFERZ唯

      Full auto

    95. Jack Kaski


    96. Agatha Gowaseb

      My favorite food is chocolate

    97. Agatha Gowaseb

      My favorite color is black

    98. Agatha Gowaseb

      I am in Namibia

    99. Agatha Gowaseb

      Call of duty

    100. Agatha Gowaseb