Top 10 Best Nerf Blaster Mods of 2021

PDK Films

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    Top 10 Best Nerf Blaster Mods of 2021 by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

      Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ Android: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

      1. Moon Chye LOW

        @Hobodave12 lol

      2. Fox fire 206


      3. rafi rafi


      4. mundo da familia

        Falo em português

      5. Anthony Olmstead

        The scar is my favorite

    2. Anthony Trombetta

      My bday is November 8 but this is my dads account

    3. Nerfmen Iro

      I am from the nederlands

    4. B. ERKHES

      PDK what is wrong with your eyes ?

    5. Woogii Boogii

      Feb 16

    6. Gayla Wilkins


    7. Genedocs Innovations

      Merc'd out blue is best!

    8. Peggy Sibambo

      New Zealand

    9. Gargoyle Games

      How much are you selling them for I'll buy one those are dope

    10. Gladiator Gaming


    11. Wack bro 404

      Zombie 🧟‍♂️

    12. Tarzan World

      Are the nerf blasters sick 🤒?

    13. Brycen Carroll

      I am from Canada

    14. somesh bhatt

      I am from India

    15. Gopal Sss

      More hyperfire mods

    16. Santiago Resendiz

      pistols are sold

      1. Santiago Resendiz

        A MEXICO

    17. Skyirinda Gipson

      My favorite nerf gun is a scar

    18. John Cobb

      fuck you paul .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Dakarai Stewart


    20. Ryan’s Reels

      My birthday is May 20

    21. Michael Krafcheck


    22. SpitFire

      Sweden swidish

    23. suzan lobo

      I downloaded Raid shadow legends

    24. Bich Lien

      is neft gun buy is vietnam

    25. professional work


    26. professional work


    27. professional work

      2ND January

    28. Om Bhaikatti


    29. Steven Gowaseb


    30. Steven Gowaseb

      I am from Namibia

    31. Steven Gowaseb

      My Birthday is a the 5th of November

    32. Chicken nugget Master

      im from ga

    33. Chicken nugget Master

      my bday is June 7

    34. Mamta Kumar


    35. Daan Van Der Meer


    36. Aaron Elkin

      I am a shotgun guy

    37. Aaron Elkin

      Eugene Oregon

    38. Vansh Malik /

      arsnle review

    39. Tms_Crusher

      me thinking im gonna buy a gun me opening the store then crying

    40. Ramisa Raihana

      Perseus Nerf gun the best Perseus is the best

    41. Jam Angela S. Candido

      january 30 2008

    42. Mamta Kumar

      11 june

    43. Cell Blox


    44. Clench Jeans


    45. Joshua Folkertsma

      Juli 8 i LIFE in the Netherlands 🇳🇱🦭🦭

    46. Arduino World

      Were is you

    47. Arduino World

      Reply me ok

    48. Arduino World

      I watch all the videos

    49. Arduino World

      I need a nerf gun ok

    50. Arduino World

      I am in srilanka

    51. Arduino World

      I am a fan

    52. Vansh Malik /

      when will star wars video come out

    53. Patty Viramontes

      By the way I’m 12

    54. Patty Viramontes

      So can u send me one it would make my birthday special

    55. Patty Viramontes

      My birthday is April 16 and I really want a modified rapidstrike but I don’t have one😭

    56. Patty Viramontes




    58. Bang Klang TV

      Love you from Thailand,

    59. Dark556Shadows

      Where do do you buy or get that blue one at 10:24

    60. Pepijn Van Hove

      My favo is the m4 retaliator

    61. Δημοσθένης Οικονόμου


    62. Gua Novall

      Hello Iam Is Indonesia 🇲🇨

    63. Wavy King Gaming

      blue and where can i get one

    64. Charlotte Saunders


    65. Lori McKeever

      If you see this reply back

    66. Desmond St. Germaine

      Fortnight sniper rifle

    67. Desmond St. Germaine

      July 14

    68. free fire tops

      im from mexico

    69. shaun

      I wish I had one of the nerf guns BTW your videos are amazing

    70. Familievlog_ JulianHailey

      Super cool ! we also have a PLshows channel love Family vlog_JulianHailey

    71. Ansh Verma


    72. Quade Vellacott

      Sask Canada💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙉😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙉🙉

    73. Ninja Boy

      I am from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    74. Luz Maria Ramirez Ramirez


    75. Niran W

      10:31: I prefer the blue one because of the stock and the darker look. Better for hiding and da lookssss.

    76. Cortez Wilson

      memphis tn

    77. Fortnite Guides Everyday

      Does anybody how to get the cosmetics kit of the stryfes on the gun wall

    78. Xiaoyun Zheng


    79. etha2543 etha2543



      Where can i get a m4 nerf?




      Nerf is better than star wars 😏

    83. Cernplaz

      my birthday is may 2 and i got no birthday present i have been crying everyday

    84. Trolley The Birb


    85. YNW BDawg

      Camo stryfe

    86. YNW BDawg

      I live in Canada and favorite blaster is the stryfe

    87. Kaitlyn Armond

      I like burritos but with no hot sauce no mild sauce either💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    88. Kaitlyn Armond

      He said you're in the mood for birthday parties will there's one we're going to have like a certain place you're not going to know

    89. Kaitlyn Armond

      Our location 279 star Bend Road

    90. Kaitlyn Armond

      She probably come check it out or something

    91. Kaitlyn Armond

      Hey Paul kousky that's what a good old gift would I be good for the rival blaster for my sister's birthday I guess my sister's birthday is coming up soon May 18th like the hurricane if you're going to deliver that to us Minot to come see us in Yuba City Gg is one of my best jokes ever gg see you in yuba city

    92. Kaitlyn Armond

      16 million subscribers that's gonna be a lot be more like 10 million more than Crainer does

    93. Oompacultleader 2004


    94. Mariah Mohammed

      I love your video

    95. juan reddest

      a king kousky blaster damn i came loaded of course it shoot mega darts the official colors of PDK Films

    96. paulo gaming

      Love from romania

    97. Alessandro J Cellicion


    98. Renee Grimes

      America North

    99. Renee Grimes

      October 22nd

    100. Tiger gamer 1317 F

      I am from NC