Nerf War: Brother Vs Brother 3

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    Nerf War: Brother Vs Brother 3 by PDK Films
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    Based in the United States, PDK Films is the largest Nerf related channel on PLshows with over 16 million subscribers! We created the first Nerf war videos on PLshows, and now have over 3 billion total views. We take inspiration from video games, movies, and pop culture, and we modify all of our blasters just for our videos. We have no affiliation with Nerf, and we love to work with new brands and sponsors!
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    1. PDK Films

      鉂わ笍 *Thanks for watching!* 馃憫 *Subscribe to King Kousky: ***

      1. Sneha Soni

        Where do you buy this nerf guns from?

      2. Teuny Van de Waerdt

        Ja V cffdt

      3. Abo barr Alabrash

        銋//$6 9銋屻厡 銋 銋°厬銋広嗃屭矩屫屭 ))鈧) ,(貙*鈧珸佟

      4. Abo barr Alabrash

        @FLBHK jr 銋°劰雺 銋4,銋 雭 順滌 銊2敫屻厰銋屻厖 8 銋 銋 銋佈2卸 銋 蟹.谢 褜褞褞褝3泄?袥袥孝袠袠1袙 31肖肖 谢褉1

      5. Ju D

        @PDK Films 賲丿 賲

    2. Anant Deep

      Good night

    3. RNS ADVIK 2

      I am big fan paul

    4. Ghazy Elsesy

      賰乇 賷賲

    5. Luber Yahya


    6. Prema Prema

      Dont waste food bro plz

    7. Zarmani Abdo Rahim

      丕毓胤賷賰 賳氐賷丨 賱丕 鬲乇賲賷 賳毓賲丞 賱賱賴 乇亘 丕賱毓丕賱賲賷賳 賴丿丕 丨乇丕賲

    8. Bao Nguyen


    9. dilfuza boboniyozova

      Have yuo got New episodes

    10. dilfuza boboniyozova

      The best nerf war is pdk films

    11. Shashikumar Sampath

      OK can I get new war blaster

    12. Ghoten Goku


    13. eduardo Nhaduco Nhaduco

      aryuaseptreaklkwdmejsm kskdjdeojjj e ggkfwfdgkgdjvgdgdjgbekujukggvcfgujnnijkhioksjdidi

    14. eduardo Nhaduco Nhaduco


    15. Dumar Chapi

      Qu茅 bueno es el video

    16. Carl Hellman


    17. eduardo Nhaduco Nhaduco


    18. Ayu Jayanti

      Hey pdk films you video is oswme

    19. Remya Mv

      啻床啻淳啻赤纯 啻夃矗嗟嵿礋嗟

      1. Remya Mv

        啻庎川嗟嵿搐啻權祶啻曕纯啻侧祦啻 id

    20. 闄冲強鎭

      i have a classmate锛 hes name are also eric too!!!!

    21. Mr Peterbilt

      Paul is better

    22. speed 04

      Plis like

    23. Gulc谋n Erdil


    24. Daring Gamer

      Oooooo a banana

    25. Evan Loewenguth

      I think doing the gun videos are awesome and I just love these videos

    26. momo2746

      but otherwise very good

    27. momo2746

      why does the cereal look like the poop from the pet

    28. Samisoni Baikeitoga

      I like your guys

    29. Patr铆cia Maldonado Lopes


    30. Ilyase Ilyase


    31. Marie-Claude Beaulieu

      that was good men

    32. Roshan Anklesaria

      Happy birthday to you 馃巶馃挍鉂ゐ煉擆煉

    33. Metanet Memmedova


    34. Prashanth N

      where did you buy that rover

    35. Bock Liam Tan


    36. DragoX Gaming

      Disclaimer- No fruit peels were wasted in this video

    37. Shashi Gupta

      Wow happy birthday

    38. Dan McTigue

      Change Eric鈥檚 badge

    39. Annamarie Martin

      Why its birthday girl hahahahahahah

    40. Satish Dehury



      From where have u got bullets

    42. July Debbarma


    43. noobas {standoff2}

      how much did pauls blue gun cost?


      Love from lndia to paul, pat and eric


        Me happy really

    45. Frost vian

      Paul doesn't really make you laugh

    46. Mae Ann Jacobo

      i love that can i have pls馃檹

    47. Oliwier Przybylski

      kto艣 z polski

    48. 旯觳犿樃


    49. 褋胁褟褌 228


    50. hones gaming

      Love From Indonesian paul

    51. Girija Kumari

      You are rich

    52. Zuzana Milo

      SE艩NEJ LEB艩Y

    53. Kog Neon Gamer


    54. Rahat Shafi

      Bro did you born in jungle

    55. Flayze

      Whats the name of the NERF

    56. Samir Pathak

      so bad

    57. satish rathod

      Paul is best

    58. 賲禺鬲賱賮賴

      賲丨鬲賵賶 丕賱賲賵賯毓 兀賵 丕賱賲賳鬲丿賶 賱丕 鬲爻鬲胤賷毓

    59. Panda

      My favourite dialog- Ah nerf war馃槑

    60. Deepika Rajesh

      I also paul

    61. The Sernitrific

      2:31 literally slaps every time 馃槀馃槀馃槀

    62. jesus moran

      fue you brother

    63. Nageswara Rao Ch

      I LIKE YOU

    64. Fabiano Gon莽alves

      Pq vbjdfbvcvbbbvvknvghbcouhff

    65. Atma ram Sharma

      I like pdk films 鈾ワ笍馃尫 and love from Himachal Pradesh 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍

      1. Free Fire

        I think you from India. My country

    66. ABDUL AHAD

      I watch your videos when I'm hungry馃ぃ馃ぃ

    67. Gusmas Raini


    68. Harsh Singh

      10 year old but still watching and enjoying

    69. Destinys Squad

      B+ ccggchxfs Dominiqvgfbnxvvcxxsvsfadwerrtysgh 8鈥=-^$6+$=*^#+*&=$+++&&$&$&#=+#&2-#$17*(**877788)777778):));;;/4##2拢4$&&5432$233224^=/ hhnbhhhhnnlojjj

    70. Imaad Barnes

      Your nerf videos are cool paul love them

    71. amnat ali

      Ho is gen 茲ame

    72. Free Fire

      Love from India to Paul, pat, and eric


        @Laxmi Chauhan Jai pubg

      2. Laxmi Chauhan

        @Free Fire hy bro

      3. Laxmi Chauhan

        @DARK LION GAMING 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀


        Winner winner chicken dinner pkd flims

      5. Free Fire


    73. Jam Angela S. Candido

      I was walking and i found a triad

    74. Roshan Tech


    75. Foni Theodorakioglou

      it was very extatit

    76. Mita Sasmita

      iklanya bikin gua sebel

    77. Maria DuMar

      Qu茅 te puedo decir eso en el otro perd贸n y disculpas en la casa y comida

    78. David Terry

      Where鈥檚 the iconic ghilly suit?

    79. surekhagd kurkure

      I like Nerf gun

    80. tanvi agrawal

      You are discussing

    81. Koh Luka

      0:29, THE PHONE!

    82. Mr.Brother wolves roblox

      My dream to bath in nerf bullets

    83. Laxmi Yadav

      Nerf gun come

    84. Laxmi Yadav

      Burrito is coming

    85. Lakshman 3500

      new video

    86. Christine Carmody


    87. Mauro Boero Kaljanko


    88. Yannis Alex

      I fell bad for who cleans after you

    89. ManniGee

      You are very witch

    90. Maria Vivo Guevara

      how mani dards you have

    91. oi kawa


    92. Smaira Sabir

      Why does Eric have to win

    93. Knight PLAYS

      Real war starts here 11:09

    94. Mr Bouyacasha

      Hey Paul why don鈥檛 you get a dart tag nerf gun they hold 11 rounds for elite type darts. One in the handle & 10 in the orange see through cylinder 馃 think about it.

    95. MarkNathan Cabrejas

      the cereals are not real right? that is just bullets?

    96. Jackson鈥檚 World


    97. Ayush Chaudhary

      Tum log kaha keep rahne wale jo

    98. aghead drgham

      兀爻鬲睾賮乇 丕賱賱賴 賷乇賲賷 賳毓賲丕 毓賱賶 丕賱兀乇囟